Tomorrow’s Child : A Poem

In a world of many, much and more

We seemed to have lost the things that matter most

The beauty of the rising sun and wind

And the purity of the water we drink

We want fast cars, quick sales and bigger mills

To keep up with Jack’s, Jone’s and the Jill’s

Hence we demolish the hills and make them landfills

That  pollute the soil, our food and push up our medical bills

To get better we spend megabucks on R&D

When the common sense solution is for all to see

The cures are painless, bloodless and endless

By the time the doctors are through we are penniless

We rise again to chase another goody before its ‘too late’

And move a step closer to God’s heavenly gates

We say we want, we need and we must save for tomorrow’s child

Who has to be ‘better’, ‘quicker’ and ‘smarter’ to run that extra mile

We think he needs a big house, a great education and a good job

But do we take a second to reflect upon the quality of the air that is more like smog

We want him to wine and dine with nothing but the best

Little do we know that what he may be eating may be laced with lead

We don’t think about milk laced with melamine[1]

Since it happened in someone else’s backyard and that’s fine

We plunder, destroy and invade because we want a ‘better future’

For that child of tomorrow who is our captive prisoner

For he can’t protest since he trusts us implicitly

And we break his faith all the time- effortlessly

For tomorrow’s child doesn’t know…

That today he is being led on a rosy path to the gallows..

Authors Note: This poem has been written to convey the imperative of sustainability. As geographical lines blur due to trades and markets,  so does the need to view responsible business practices as a means to ensure survival.  It’s possible to do well by doing good, what is needed is innovative thinking and a commitment to make a positive difference.

( The author would like to dedicate this to  Amit and Tarini Ramchandani)

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