Fruits of our Labor

Fruits of our Labor

Article published by the Carnegie Council-New York USA.

Describes the symbiotic partnership between the tribals of South Gujarat (India) and ITC ( Indian FMCG company) which was facilitated by the Pune (India) based not for profit organization called BAIF. It was a win-win situation for all the parties since the tribals were able to earn a fair value for their produce and for ITC who were able to source organic mangoes for usage in their products.


One thought on “Fruits of our Labor

  1. Faliure of 12 Pro-Poor programs of the Central govt right since CSRE(1972) to SGSY(1999)–the current NRLM(2011) program too looks dubious — KVIC (1956) duly reorganized and modified as per submissions made by the undersigned in my Project Report”Full Employment Through Charkha(Gandhi’s Spinning Wheel) gurantees full employment to 4 to 5 crore rural poor…..Atul Kumar Jain

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