Fruits of our Labor

Article published by the Carnegie Council-New York USA.

Describes the symbiotic partnership between the tribals of South Gujarat (India) and ITC ( Indian FMCG company) which was facilitated by the Pune (India) based not for profit organization called BAIF. It was a win-win situation for all the parties since the tribals were able to earn a fair value for their produce and for ITC who were able to source organic mangoes for usage in their products.

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One Response to Fruits of our Labor

  1. Faliure of 12 Pro-Poor programs of the Central govt right since CSRE(1972) to SGSY(1999)–the current NRLM(2011) program too looks dubious — KVIC (1956) duly reorganized and modified as per submissions made by the undersigned in my Project Report”Full Employment Through Charkha(Gandhi’s Spinning Wheel) gurantees full employment to 4 to 5 crore rural poor…..Atul Kumar Jain

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