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India’s Shrinking Farmlands and Deteriorating Soil Quality: A Cause for Concern

India is the seventh largest country in the world with a total land area of 3,287,263 km (1,269,219 sq. miles)[1]. Of this total geographical area of 3,287,263 Mha, approximately 146.2 Mha land is degraded land. India occupies about 2.4 per … Continue reading

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Does Microfinance Empower Poor Women?

That microfinance helps in extending affordable credit and in mobilizing savings is a well documented fact. Fostering the savings habit and the ability to access credit in a convenient manner and at affordable rates can help in transforming the lives … Continue reading

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The RBI’s Banking Ombudsman Scheme 2006 – A Mechanism for Addressing Customer Grievances

Banks in India are technology driven in most locations. So much so that the personalized customer service which used to be a hallmark of the Indian banking set-up is almost extinct. Centralization of operations and automation of most processes which … Continue reading

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Contract Broiler Farming in the Indian Poultry Sector – A Discussion

  Introduction:   Poultry is one of the fastest growing segments of the agricultural sector in India today. It is growing at a much faster rate than any element of agriculture or allied agriculture sector. While the production of agricultural crops has … Continue reading

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BAIF’s ‘Wadi Program’: A Composite Model for Sustaining Livelihoods in Rural India

( Image Source: Abstract: The article highlights the Wadi[1] approach adopted by BAIF in South Gujarat for promoting the livelihoods of rural farmers. Acute poverty, small landholdings, low agriculture productivity , lack of alternate employment opportunities forced the local … Continue reading

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Pomegranate Cultivation : India’s Competitive Advantage Lost & Why ?

  Introduction:       A couple of months ago, I was in the Solapur district (Maharashtra-India) on a research assignment related to microfinance. The bus route to the  villages that we had identified for research work, passed through the ‘pomegranate … Continue reading

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Why Indian Banks need to focus on the less Tech Savvy US NRI’s ?

Silicon Valley and the boom in the IT industry propelled by the internet have made the Indian engineering talent a much prized item. Indian educated doctors, dentists too are a much sought after in the USA ( they have to … Continue reading

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