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Forging India’s New CSR Mandate

Forging India’s New CSR Mandate This article critiques the CSR Bill which has been introduced recently as an ammendment  to  the Companies Act. This was published in the latest issue of the ‘Policy Innovations’ magazine which is published by the Carnegie Council of New York.

Tomorrow’s Child : A Poem

In a world of many, much and more We seemed to have lost the things that matter most The beauty of the rising sun and wind And the purity of the water we drink We want fast cars, quick sales and bigger mills To keep up with Jack’s, Jone’s and the Jill’s Hence we demolish … Continue reading

Standing Tall : Overcoming Challenges with the support of community based microfinance( Self Help Groups)

Manisha has a sunny smile and a spunky attitude. Although she is differently abled its something that she has accepted and taken in her stride. ” Nobody wants to marry me because of my back issue” she says but she credits the support of her entire village (Vetale-Maharashtra) and particularly the confidence given to her … Continue reading

The Desire to Learn….: About Microfinance & Woman Empowerment

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=589164367760680&l=4569796792062009770 (Click to View Video) The appended video features Meera Bankar of Khed District in Maharashtra. Meera was married at the age of fifteen after a family tragedy. She had studied upto Class 9 and had to stop studying after her marriage since she had to shoulder family responsibilities ( work in the fields, tend … Continue reading

Buds of Hope :Jasmine Floriculture Initiative by the Tribal Farmers in Maharashtra’s Vikramgadh Block (Thane District)

Buds of Hope :jasmine Flori-culture Initiative by the Tribal Farmers in Maharashtra’s Vikramgadh Block (Thane District) The article covers the jasmine (also known as mogra in Hindi and Marathi) flori-culture initiative undertaken by the tribal (‘katkari’) farmers in the Vikramgadh block of Thane district. Technical assistance from a local NGO,  has helped these poor farmers … Continue reading

“Banking” on Themselves: Self-Help Groups Empower Women

Article about the Impact of Women SHG’s on empowering rural women (Chimbali Village-Maharashtra)(click link to read article) This article appeared in the online magazine of the Carnegie Council (New York) called “Policy Innovations’ and is based upon primary data collected from the Chimbali village in Maharashtra. The affiliation with the SHG’s has united the local … Continue reading

Poverty & Crime: A Potent Mix (Maharashtra-India)

The Case of the Missing 3 Year Old Baby Girl from the CS Terminus (Mumbai-India) (Source: Google Images) About a month ago, a three year old baby girl – the child of poor migrant laborers was kidnapped from one of Mumbai’s busiest train stations the CS Terminus [1](abbreviation CST) at 2 am by a stranger. … Continue reading

A Tribute to the magic called : Rain

Rain   A liquefied slice of heaven fell on a rose petal one day It toggled, turned, danced and swayed.. As it moved, it shone different shades of red and purple hue The shades changed as it made its way gliding down the velvety rue Then another drop of diamond fell gently on the red … Continue reading

The Bottom of the Pyramid: Part II: Partnering for Success

Lac Cultivation by tribal’s in Yavatmal District – Maharashtra (India) Introduction & Background: Part I of this two-part series discussed the need to integrate the poor in the growth story. This is important because even the best designed and packaged products need buyers. The poor therefore need livelihood solutions that generate real income so that … Continue reading

The Bottom of the Pyramid: The Need to Integrate the Poor in the Growth Story: Part 1

(Source : Google Images) The ‘fortune at the bottom of the pyramid’ a phrase coined by Prahalad and Hart in 2002 led to a lot of excitement since companies were enthralled with the idea of finding new profit seeking opportunities and markets especially among the low income segment section in the developing nations. The proposition … Continue reading


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